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O/C mapper (Object to Cloud). Leverage Windows Azure without getting dragged down by low level technicalities.

Strong typed put/get on the blob storage:

IBlobStorageProvider storage = ... ; // init snipped
CustomerBlobName name = ... ; // init snipped
var customer = storage.GetBlob(name); // strong type retrieved
Strong typed enumeration of the blob storage:
foreach(var name in storage.List(CustomerBlobName.Prefix(country))
  var customer = storage.GetBlob(name); // strong type, no cast!
  // do something with 'customer', snipped
Scalable services with implicit queue processing:
[QueueServiceSettings(AutoStart = true, QueueName = "ping")]
public class PingPongService : QueueService
  protected override void Start(double x)
    var y = x * x; // 'x' has been retrieved from queue 'ping'
    Put(y, "pong"); // 'y' has been put in queue named 'pong'

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